Sugar Water For Bees in the Fall

Sugar Water For Bees in the Fall

So it’s time to feed the honeybees and top up their winter stores. What we do ism we feed some sugar water… two parts sugar to one part water. I could have started feeding last week
but, well actually I did feed a couple hives but now it’s time to do it because they have the next two or three weeks. They’ll still have enough time to convert the sugar into honey, which helps support their winter honey stores. So I’m feeding
nine colonies. So I brought this water up to boil. As soon as it stops boiling then I add the sugar and just let it
dissolve into the warm water. I use a turkey fryer for boiling and it’s
nice and easy. I’m going to scoop this once it cools
down. Scoop it into ziplock bags. I’ve made some spacers which basically
gives a little bit of extra room between the top of the inner cover and the hive.
So these guys here, I’ll just put in between the inner cover and the hive
top. And that will give enough room for the bags of sugar. And then these are
deep inner covers, so I’m using these. They don’t actually have to use a spacer. Hornet. The Yellow jackets are finding it
first! So I’m feeding each one two litres of
2:1 sugar water. Then I’ll come back up in a few days and we’ll feed
them again. There’s probably a better way to pour these but it works for me. There’s something in that hole that you really like huh? Yeah. So the sugar
water is all ready to go. Messy job filling these up. The reason
that I use Ziploc bags for feeding the bees is because I got tip from an
old-timer beekeeper in our beekeepers guild one year. And he said that he had
switched years ago to just using bags on top of the hives. The bees take it down
really really quickly there’s no drownings as far as bees
getting into the top high feeders. In my first few years of beekeeping I used
a number of different feeders and honestly this works best. It’s so easy.
The hardest part of the job is what I just did right now. You know, filling
those sugar bags, which you know takes a minute. When I come back up next weekend they will hopefully have taken all of that feed. They’re getting about two kilograms each of sugar water mix.
The smoker’s going because in the fall.. man.. you want the smoker going because the
bees are protective of their honey stores. This is propolis here. Propolis is used to seal air gaps. They’re not gonna be happy with me going in. There… a little bit of smoke here. I’m only gonna be in there for a few seconds. As I’ve mentioned in other videos I use
just a little bit of grass on top of the inner cover which keeps the ants from
setting up shop. The spacer goes in like that. Some sugar water ladies to help you with your winter stores. There you go ladies.
I’ve got to turn the camera off and do it because obviously I didn’t perforate it. I was being dramatic. So I’ve got nine colonies and they’re all being fed today and next week Hot Tamales, holy smokes. It turned really humid today and that was one hot trip through the hives baby, All the hives have been fed now and I’m back in a week to do the
same thing. Wash rinse repeat. Hey I built a hammock puller.. it’s very
high-tech. You just pull this and rock yourself to sleep.

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  1. Spring and summer if needed I use 1 to 1 but yes in Sept switch to 2 to 1 but also been knowen to mix 4 to 1 when needed. It cuts down on the water as you know cheers

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