Spelling Bee Practice Game / Learn English / with 2nd grade student guest /Inspire Island #TG

Spelling Bee Practice Game / Learn English / with 2nd grade student guest /Inspire Island #TG

hi guys this is Ghada and I’m here for
another video if you are new here I’m an English teacher and a communication
coach and today we’re gonna do a game of the spelling bee for those who often
struggle with the spelling problems and for that I’m gonna need some help so I
have a guest with me this is Thoweiba have a seat
hi guys my name is Thoweiba I’m in Grade 2 today we’re gonna play a game
about the Spelling Bee. cool, so can you come closer. so the rules are simple
I’m going to tell her the word and if she spelled them wrong
she loses but you have three chances to spell the words correctly so you have
three chances. If I don’t! if you don’t get the word correctly three times you’re
out of the game. oh my God! cool got it? yes. cool, alright we’re going to start with the
simple words, so the first word I need you to spell is the word see. how do you
spell the word see? (S E E) S, double E , see very good s double e now how do we spell
the word cut, cut okay uh-huh cut “C” “U” “T” excellent say C.U.T (cut) there you
go now how do we spell the word feet? F e t (feet) is it? no I think not. try again, feet F E A T , that’s your second time feet it’s very easy it’s a long /i:/ sound. what do
you hear? you hear F ee t / F E E T there you go excellent good job so you’re not
out of the game because your got it in the third time now how do we spell the
word shop? shop S H O P very good shop excellent now I’m gonna give you another
easy word how do you spell the word find? F I N D very good excellent find. Now how
do you spell the word smelly? smelly (S M E LL ) smelly. aren’t you forgetting something!
smelly? aah Y can you say it again just to make sure, smelly
S M E double L Y smelly very good see now u get the hang of it
um another word, alright this is a bit tricky but we’ll see if you can spell it
correctly, the word rocket. rocket mm-hmm
R a /rock et / R-O mm-hmm C T !? is it? it’s rock et/ rock et/ rocket R O C mm E! rock how do you spell Rock ? R O C K E T there you go, so almost over. you almost
lost. Could you try it again one more time just to make sure that you got it
okay R O C K E T
Excellent very good see so even if the word is hard you just have to break it
down into small words and then try to spell it and you’ll get it easily
all right very good I’m gonna give you one more word how do we spell the word
sports? S P O R T aha ! sports S
s there you go could you spell it again S P O R T S excellent there you go you
got them all correctly and that’s how you win a game of the Spelling BEE high
five; good job, you got all the words correctly even though you got stuck a
bit in the middle but if you try and you try you’ll get them right for those who have
problems with spelling they should play this game with their friends with
their sisters and that would help them get the spelling correctly so thank you
Thoweiba for being here today try to practice as well. to fix your
spelling and Do you have something to say? amm nothing yeah just thank you guys for watching
and go subscribe and hit the like button and we’ll see you guys next time
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  1. Smelly cat smelly cat what are you doing to me lol phoebe buffay friends hilarious and kudos to the pretty young girl she did great

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