Mind Control Parasites

Mind Control Parasites

♪ [fast tempo music] (Hayley) Hi, I’m Hayley. I work on the third floor at Science North and today I’m going to
talk about toxoplasma. So toxoplasma is a single celled parasite. And what makes it so interesting is that sometimes it’s called
the mind control parasite. So Toxoplasma gondii is a parasite
that can only reproduce sexually in the gut of cats. So often rats don’t like
to spend time with cats, but that’s a problem for toxoplasma because it needs to get into
the cats so it can reproduce. So what it does in the rat’s brain
is it crosses some of the wires between the pleasure center and
the fear center of the rat’s brain. So instead of being afraid of cats, being afraid of the smell
that cats leave behind, the rats are a little bit interested. They’re excited by those types of smells, so they’re going into areas where
they’re likely to get eaten by cats, which is great for toxoplasma because now it’s back
where it can reproduce. Another interesting way that
toxoplasma can infect the behavior of other organisms is that there’s some research
being done now on the effects of toxoplasma
on human brains. Infected humans are more likely
to take on dangerous activities and some studies even show that they’re more likely
to get into car accidents. To learn more about toxoplasma
and other parasites, come visit us at Science North
and check out Eww, What’s Eating You? ♪ [music playing]

5 thoughts on “Mind Control Parasites”

  1. Hello, I would like to ask for permission to use a clip of your video/s in a documentary I am doing regarding parasitic mind control, with the how/why, its manifestations and symptomology
    Please message me as i need to provide proof of consent and accurate credits to your organization. Thanks.

  2. No, it can't be cured. It can be be made inactive if there is a flare up though. The cysts are quite resistant, but if they leave them they can be killed.

    Most people get it from unwashed veggies and rare meat. Cockroaches are also a big spreader of it. You are also more likely to get it from a dog then a cat.

    If you have a cat though.. clean it daily as they take about 2 days to hatch. If you are prego or have HIV stay away from cats, rare meat uncooked veggies and dogs, shit eating bugs

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