Have Yourself A Merry Super Tuesday! | Full Frontal on TBS

Have Yourself A Merry Super Tuesday! | Full Frontal on TBS

Yesterday was Super Tuesday,
one of the most important nights in the 2020 election. 14 states had their primaries. And it now looks like it’s
a close race between Bernie, Biden, and the
coronavirus, which is projected to infect them all. But don’t worry. There was one candidate who was
focused on helping spread it. [MUSIC PLAYING] Uhhhhh, that’s not
how his campaign wanted him to go viral. Sadly for him and nobody
else, Bloomberg came up really short last night. He also didn’t do
well in the primaries, leading him to drop out
of the race this morning. But at least he didn’t
quit before the “Miami Herald” filmed him
making a reporter regret ever talking to him. [LAUGHTER] She’s like, OK. And then he was
like, no, no, no. In Spanish, we say,
(ACCENTED) oh, hey. As we know, the big
winner of the night was Joe Biden,
who won 10 states. And much of his success
could be attributed to other moderate candidates
dropping out of the race and giving him
their endorsement. Amy Klobuchar laid down
her comb and stapler after throwing them at her
staffers one last time, while Pete Buttigieg gave up
his lifelong dream of becoming America’s first white Obama,
all in the name of coalescing behind a candidate whose fine. By the way, this is my
little sister Valerie, and I’m Jill’s husband. Oh, no, this is Val. Oh, you switched on me. This is my wife. This is my sister. You think that’s bad. The same thing happened
on his wedding night. But at least he got
the Giuliani vote. And while he may not have
won the most delegates, senator and three-time NBA
All-Star Bernie Sanders still made a strong showing,
winning California, Colorado, Utah, and his home
state of Vermont, where he cast his own vote. Look– I’m not supposed
to endorse a candidate. But as a resident
of New York City, I support anyone who
clears a walkway. [CHEERING] Unfortunately for Senator
Elizabeth Warren’s supporters, she did not have a great
Tuesday, winning a grand total of zero states and even
coming in third place in her home state
of Massachusetts, where she also cast her vote. It was great. I really like voting today. REPORTER: For yourself.
– Yes. Wow. The only time I was that excited
to vote for myself was when I was on “Celebrity Love Island.” I was in a thruple with
the Sprouse brothers. Come on. They’re 27. If there’s a Sprouse on
the field, play ball. The only person more excited
to vote than Elizabeth Warren was this girl in Texas. Excuse me– Te-jas. People say they’re willing
to wait as long as it takes. Just before I came on here– –just a few pockets of
places around the state. They may not say. By the way, we
asked our researchers if that woman was doing a
famous dance, and they said– and this is a real quote– “I sent the clip to two tik
tok experts, and they said no. It’s a random collection
of movements.” Got the best team in the biz. Yet as stressful as this week
was for voters and candidates, the media found a way to make
it even worse for themselves. On Monday, Chris
Hayes broadcasted from Universal Studios because
I guess MSNBC is mean to him. Well, California, we’re here
in Universal Studios in Los Angeles on the very same stage,
I learned just a little while ago, a bunch of episodes
of “Murder, She Wrote” were filmed, which is cool. I like that show. Oh, that audience
is going to be a real disappointed
when they realize Chris Hayes isn’t Harry Potter. Elsewhere in California,
MSNBC thirstily awaited Biden’s
arrival at Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles. Mike, start with
describing where you are and what we’re waiting for. Well, Brian, we’re in
Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles. The vice president,
as I mentioned before, has already stopped
for ice cream. And so now after dessert,
he’s going to come for dinner-breakfast, I guess. BRIAN WILLIAMS: There he is. And for all the reasons
that you outline– and you have a better vantage
point on him than I do. BRIAN WILLIAMS: It’ll
be the next guy. REPORTER: Here he is. BRIAN WILLIAMS: Right actor. We’ve got a couple more guests. Hang on. RACHEL MADDOW: It could
have been a doppelganger. This is– BRIAN WILLIAMS: That’s true,
but I thought I saw him crossing the street in the background. Good to see you. Quit lying to
me, Brian Williams. Just when America started
to trust you again. With all the chaos in
the Democratic primary, you’d think Fox News would
be having a field day. But even their analysts
had some issues. Brit Hume was up at 5:30
AM to share a screen grab of election odds,
forgetting to close his tab for sexy vixen vinyl. And even weirder, that
page was literally between tabs for
his bank account and the coronavirus,
which, to be fair, was every man’s id this week. My 401k, I’m horny,
I’m going to die. Of course, with states
across the country closing polls at
different times, it was sometimes
hard to predict when results might be coming in. Thankfully, the media had a
subtle way to approach it. BRIAN WILLIAMS: We’re
calling an election alert. [MUSIC PLAYING] We’ve got a key race alert. Coming up on 15 seconds
until the top of the hour. 11 o’clock Eastern
time, important for us because the polls close
local time in five seconds, or thereabouts, in California. This is an election,
not New Year’s Eve. The only thing Super Tuesday
has in common with New Year’s is that they both end in
Anderson Cooper getting drunk on national television. Look– I know that last night’s
primary results were probably disappointing for some of you. And it may seem
now that Democrats are more divided than ever. This primary has become
bigger than the candidates. It’s starting to seem more
like it’s about the very soul of the Democratic Party, a
race between unapologetic, progressive values
and the color beige. But no matter who your
candidate was at the beginning, we all have to come
together in the end. If you’re a Bernie
supporter, and you end up having to vote for
Biden, keep fighting to push the party to the left. If you’re a Biden supporter,
and you end up having to vote for Bernie, I don’t know, man. Enjoy legal weed when it passes,
and chill the [BLEEP] out. Because at the end
of the day, the most important thing to
remember is that we have to defeat Donald Trump. [CHEERING] And the second most important
thing to remember is– and I cannot stress this enough– never invite Michael
Bloomberg to your pizza party.

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  1. "Moderate" Biden obviously is the **right-wing of the party**. In most other western nations policies comparable to Biden's are pushed by politicians of **centrist-right parties**.
    Painting Sanders as an radical socialist, when his policies would be considered middle-of-the-road-left-centrist or social democratic (centrist-left) in any other western nation is obvious propaganda, based on the US Cold War Red Scare.
    I have no idea why so many Americans believe that Sanders ideas are extraordinary and radical, only practised in 3rd world countries.
    The opposite is true. The US is the one of the very few western nations that has not implemented a decent system of social security and a healthcare system based on social democratic ideas. They are the very foundation for the social systems of nations like France, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Japan and all the Scandinavian nations. Stop calling them "socialistic", they are not. They are social democratic .There are several fundamental differences. Educate yourself instead of repeating factual wrong claims over and over again.
    The level of ignorance on this in the public US policy debate is embarrassing. Stop using incorrect terms and spreading nonsense for heavens sake.
    In the US the healthcare system and the systems of social security are literally on the same level as in the absolute majority of developing countries. Even countries like Cuba have a better healthcare system for the majority of their population.
    It is amazing how Americans buy into the lie claiming the exact oposite. And it is amazing that Sanders is using Cuba as an example, when some of the economicaly strongest nations on the planet like Japan, France, Germany and Scandinavia are much better examples to show that capitalism and social responsibility are absolutely compatible and competitive compared to the mess of the US system… Do not point to 3rd world "communist" nations, use the strong European economies as an example. Social democratic ideas are at the very core of Europe. You do not have to look at authoritarian Cuba, Europe offers plenty of examples how highly competitive nations with decent social systems can be.

  2. But were Biden to win, we already know some of Sanders folks have already said they'll vote Trump; just like 11% did in 2016.
    There will be no unity if there's a candidate pushing a divisive message against the party.
    If Sander's wants to lose, just keep pissing on the people you most need support from. That, and Trump's socialism message will do the trick.
    That's okay, Trump's got Sander's back; so he's sure to win the campaign.
    Biden IS talking about unity, and ridding of Trump first and far most.

  3. Somehow Bernie Bros are 10x worse today than they were yesterday. Just when you think a group of people couldn't be bigger aholes, they prove you wrong.

  4. I'm from Texas. Literally no one calls it Tejas. It only ever comes up in history class and then, briefly.

  5. Dessert usually comes after a meal, not before, you idiot. Nice going, let's run a candidate that makes Trump look fully cognitive. Stick a fork into our democratic republic, it's done.

  6. God the DNC is really going to force Joe Biden on us just to make us vote for him and watch him lose. They learned nothing from Hillary 2016 who was massively more qualified than Biden. God help us and please swallow your pride to vote Trump out. Then primary better candidates in every 2 years

  7. For your information, Rome was a republic for 500 years before it became an empire for another 500 years.

  8. In 2016 the DNC lied and said Hillary won primaries that she actually lost. Later in a lawsuit the DNCs defense of this was “a corporation has the right to choose its leader, and we are a corporation!” Then the candidate no one wanted went on to lose against an Orange clown. On Super Tuesday the DNC claimed that the supporters of 3 candidates still in the race all fell in line behind a guy no one wants that didn’t even campaign in the states he won…. ya sure… before Pete, Mike & Minnesota dropped out…. sure… ya. If the “CORPORATION” gets to pick its leader… you know… not Democratically 🖕🤯🖕 This is the reason people don’t show up to vote. I’m telling you now i will not. For any reason. Ever vote for Joe Biden. Pick him against the will of the people if you want. But don’t expect my vote. Frankly I might vote against him… because F the “dem” that crossed the aisle to vote to make Student Loan Debt permanent, he will never have my support.

  9. The US desperately needs to break the two party system. You can form joint coalitions between parties so it doesn't change too dramatically in practice, but at least then you could stop tearing each other apart over what being a Democrat actually means.

    If the US worked like a lot of other countries, the center-right people could vote for Buttigieg and Biden as nominees for the Democrat Party, the actual leftists could vote for Bernie and Warren in the Progressive Party, and then a Democrat/Progressive joint coalition could go to the ballot against the far-right Republican Party.

  10. And where are all of the Repugnicants screaming about this election being "rigged" by this virus? Oh… too busy being anti-vaccine.

  11. This is how important anything-but-Trump is: If he is elected again, you might never get the chance to elect someone else in your lifetime. Think about all the things he has already done. He wants to be a dictator, and he is moving in that direction. Even Bloomberg (good riddens) would be better.

  12. It's crazy how all of the late-night comedians missed Biden was trying to make a joke. You can be funny and not bury the only chance of getting rid of the incumbent at the same time.

  13. Oh Samantha Bee, I always came to you for political input from the left, eventhough I lean more right, but I enjoyed your content anyway. But endorsing Sanders, no, just no. Endorsing Sanders is basically admitting you don't understand policy or economics or history for that matter. It's time for you to step down.

  14. No, you are wrong, yes ANY Democrat would be better than Trump EXCEPT Bernie Sanders. Sorry. I've loved a lot of Democrats but if it comes down to Sanders and Trump…Trump all the way!!!

  15. The most important thing is the need for systemic change. Unfortunately this push to make the important thing about a person is why Tuesday ended the way it did. Sure, I’ll vote for Biden if he’s the nominee, but I hope it’s Sanders.

  16. That cheer for Biden's wins was hilarious. Sorry for those cheering in the audience I put my vote for Bernie. Better Radical Left Turn than a Stagnant (no movement) Left Turn.

  17. Court Concedes DNC Had the Right to Rig Primaries Against Sanders

    In June 2016, a class-action lawsuit was filed against the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and former DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz for violating the DNC Charter by rigging the Democratic presidential primaries for Hillary Clinton against Bernie Sanders.

    On August 25, 2017, Federal Judge William Zloch dismissed the lawsuit after several months of litigation, during which DNC attorneys argued that the DNC would be well within their rights to select their own candidate.

    By Michael Sainato • 08/26/17 6:58 am

  18. Samantha is killing it colbert is chained to the coorporate chair and trevor does not have bite on this issue. Thanks bee for keeping the spirit of stewart old daily show alive!

  19. The word “texas” is originated from Mexico (mexican) and the X is pronounced as H. I see no harm in educating the dull American public about the correct pronunciation of one of their largest states.

  20. I've got a better idea Sam. Instead of Bernie supporters getting behind Biden like the MSM and corporations want, why don't they encourage Bernie to run as an independent. Because, otherwise the US has a 'choice' between two corrupt senile old men, both backed by big money.

    The illusion is that one of them is the lesser of two evils.

  21. Via Nancy Pivarunas Total Delegates after California Results

    Sanders : 1,004,791 delegates = 33.6%

    Biden : 743,945 delegates = 24.9%

  22. The DNC knows that if they rig the primary for Biden, the Bernie supporters will for the most part switch sides and vote for Biden in the general because Trump poses an existential threat to the country. What of they didn’t, would the DNC abandon their corrupt process and go with the popular cote or at least most delegates?

  23. you dont defeat corruption with corruption. DNC wanna play a nasty game against Sanders again, then let it be & I will NOT vote for lying Joe Biden.

  24. Thank you Queen Bee…
    Please guys, just fking vote Trump out. Don't make the same 2016 mistake and now our justice system is in the toilet. Thanks

  25. Yea, we all have to come together I get together but will the electoral college let us? Also can you please talk about how Biden won all the voter SUPPRESSION states?

  26. It's next to impossible to decide which is more ridiculous during all of this embarrassingly expensive mess, the candidates and their campaigns, or the media attempting to cover it.
    Personally I'm sticking with our late night hosts and comedians – the most trusted people on television.

  27. And at the beginning of his segment, Mike Memoli looks like my cat when he's seeing something he can't believe exists.

  28. Let’s me real, the Bernie fans will not vote blue no matter who (Biden)…so pretty much another 4 years of tRump. Which is great for TV, terrible for American, but great for TV 😫

  29. 6:35 "keep fighting to push the party to the left"? That sounds like "keep trying to put someone willing to fight for human life in the white house, though it won't happen"
    Bernie being shoveled out of the nomination is truly sad. I really hope he actually gets it.

  30. "A random collection of movements" is what comes to mind when I see Trump walk up the stairs to Air Force One.

  31. The video of Bloomberg doing something everyone of us has demonstrates how sadly juvenile our society has become. Petty. By adults. No wonder child bullying is at all time highs & that we have a childish bully as "President". We can be better.

  32. Sanders can win too. The electability fear is fake. Here is why I think so
    People now know Trump and many that voted for him, don't like him now.
    Clinton who won the most votes, was never popular, and both the main democrats this time are.
    Democrats are not going to avoid key states and make the same mistakes, as last time.

  33. The DNC has worked very hard to engineer the candidacy, ensuring that they guy most likely to hand the Republicans their field day is given to them. The left is done. Enjoy the coming dictatorship, and don't claim to be surprised when it's complete.

  34. Yeah, but how's that gonna play out when Biden and Trump come up for debates?? Biden has dementia and can't hold a thought in his vacant head or speak a coherent sentence. Bide = 4More Years

  35. "At the end of the day, the most important thing to remember is that we have to defeat Donald Trump."


  36. Bernie beats trump in every poll, and Biden loses to trump in every poll. The democratic establishment doesn’t care if Biden loses to trump. They would rather have trump than Bernie. So as the democrats get richer and the world burns under trump. It will all ok as long as the rich get richer

  37. Bernie is the people’s voice and the people’s choice!!! And the ONLY one who can beat Trump!!!
    Shame on the Democrats for rigging the election again against Bernie for Hilary and now Biden. Shame on the mainstream media for supporting them!!! We can see clearly that Biden is the corporate, and mainstream media choice!! Not the people’s choice!!!

  38. Looks like Biden is getting the Trump treatment… Like why spend hours waiting for Biden when you could have interviewed Warren or Sanders?

  39. It was already bad enough but why would you touch the coffee spout. 😝🤣🤪😛😜🤪😛✌💕✌❤

  40. I would never have believed that I would ever beg the USA to please vote for one or the other of two even older and even whiter guys …

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