Extinction rebellion activists ‘swarm’ Swinson battlebus

Extinction rebellion activists ‘swarm’ Swinson battlebus

If you’re not even going to have
an ambitious target, you’re not going to get more ambitious
if you set a target that’s so weak. What year are you going to get us
to carbon net zero? Our plans that we’ve set out say
that we [inaudible] by 2045 but we should be more ambitious
and try to do it more quickly. The other thing is, I don’t think,
I imagine that you would agree, that it’s not only about the year
at which you get to net zero, it’s about how quickly we make
the cuts right now. Political parties have never, ever met
any of their targets. They’re not doing it now, and why should
we believe that you’re going to do it in the future? This is just not ambitious enough. We need to go beyond what is
politically possible in order to actually give the children in this
youth centre an actual future. And I absolutely agree with you that
this is about the future of the next generation.

41 thoughts on “Extinction rebellion activists ‘swarm’ Swinson battlebus”

  1. Well the Lib Dems have pledged to tie the UK to the EU and the EU are going to save the environment with their massive tax raises.
    Own goal here by Extinction Rebellion…

  2. See what happens when you pander to these fools?
    They'll always find something to hate you for. Modern day heretic hunters.

  3. Liblobs ,go back to your constituency and get ready to govern , pmsl ,how desperate are you to do this just to get some bbc news time ,is that a giant bee on the windscreen ,love to be that coach driver ,nearest motorway ,50mph .

  4. Dear protestors, the Conservatives are the real enemies of the environment. Jo is a smaller player with better intentions. This mob job could strengthen the hand of the Tories.

    I'm in your corner but Jo is not the enemy.

  5. So their voice is more important than democracy? If they want crackpot Green policies then they should vote for the Green Party, and let the rest of us decide for ourselves.

  6. Is there a way we can get all of the lib dems and extinction rebellion to go to a summit somewhere abroad and then declare a state of emergence and shut the borders……?

  7. Ahhh Agenda 2020 again?? How many times they gonna keep trying to pull that old song & dance? There is no climate change, only Geoengineering, HAARP, DARPA & the Jesuit Elites funding it all. Remember the warm years of the Renaissance? Lol

  8. A vote for Lib Dems (Remain) only serves to dilute the Labour vote (2nd Ref), which ironically leads to more votes for Cons (Leave)

  9. Liberal against Liberal fantastic Jo Swinson the most hated woman in the UK even by her own deluded political correct fools, wonder why !? 😥🤐

  10. 'we need to go whats beyong possible' so to do the impossible? small issue there…. its impossible as you just said.

  11. Please extinction rebellion protest in India, Russia or China I hear they treat protesters with 5 star accommodation tofu and couscous, lentils and spinach and a jamboree of tree hugging

  12. Simple answer, build more nuclear power stations to replace the fossil fuel ones. Even the land of St Greta gets more electricity from nuclear power than we do…

  13. First they stop public transport and now they're stopping an electric-powered bus? That's the Climate Cult for you.

  14. Shane hull your right underneath the exterior of the so called caring inclusive lib dems beats is an underbelly that's seeks to maintain their bourgeois values at the even if it means immiserating the poor.they are so out of touch they think the poor only exist in a Charles dickens novel.Remember how representative their last leader was the privately educated millionaire friend of davi d cameron….Nick clegg.

  15. "what year are you gone get us to carbon at zero" well…………. do some research and realize that it will take way longer then 2050 or even his lifetime or the next

  16. Extinction Rebellion bee protester glues himself to Lib Dem bus ► https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/dec/04/extinction-rebellion-protester-glues-himself-lib-dem-battlebus

  17. Climate changes, always has, always will, were just helping it along a little bit. 😀 note trolls : don't bother replying, it won't be read. 😀

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