Expert’s take on Palme d’Or win for Bong Joon-ho’s ‘Parasite’

now let’s get an expert’s take on bong
joon-ho stunning por Palme d’Or win at this year’s Cannes Film Festival joining
us on skype is Jason B surveys professor at sunshield cyber University
he also wrote his PhD on bongs work Jason thanks for joining us I do want to
start with your reaction to parasites win we’ve been hearing it’s a fantastic
film of course it got that eight minute long standing ovation from the
notoriously difficult to please crowd in can as a huge fan of bongs work yourself
you must be delighted but were you surprised yes and no it was pretty clear
that he was gonna win something him and some go were at the ceremony which was
suggested that they were gonna win an award but I assumed it maybe Best
Director or the Grand Prix prize but slowly as the night well as the award
ceremony went on it was becoming apparent that he was going to get one of
the big big prizes and so away when it wasn’t as the guys couldn’t believe it I
mean in the film by all accounts is incredible it’s been extremely well
received but there was just an element of doubt you can actually win the Pam
Doran with the candor it’s always so unpredictable
it was unanimous I think just goes to show how well this film had been
received and how popular you know it yeah there’s a big surprise and for them
to say it was a unanimous vote as well just adds to how well the film must have
been received I say but since parasite is the first South Korean film to win
this top prize at can-can we expect the critical acclaim in France to translate
into big box office sales in South Korea when it comes out in just a few days
time yes already ticket reservations approaching a hundred thousands as is
topping the reservations charts the thing is this kind of wind generates
huge amounts of coverage I’ve had lots of
phone calls about this about this win and I’ve been talking to people they all
know about the Palm D’Or victory in can it gets the top headlines in the news
and so people are talking about it before the film is released and I think
there’s an element of pride and vitally so this is the first time makers one at
cash it’s not just generating much local news coverage it’s generating a lot of
global news coverage as your report stated and this therefore translate all
this means that there’s much more awareness of the film and bong joon-ho
is a bankable director anyway I think this film was going to do well
regardless of whether it won an award or not but the fact that it has won an
award does mean that I think we can expect it to do extremely well at the
box office well we certainly hope so Jason and
finally do you see bongs victory being a catalyst now for South Korean films to
make a major comeback on the international scene yeah I mean I’ve
been reading stories about the state of the Korean film industry and of course
this year is the hundred year anniversary of Korean cinema so it’s a
very timely award and so with lots of news coverage about the Korean film
story it’s encouraging to see it is a healthy industry of course the only
issue I would say is that Korean cinema on the global stage
it’s very much reliant on these altars there’s no coincidence that you know won
this award he’s one of the most celebrated filmmakers in Korea each
hangang came back empty-handed last year but with his film burning premiered in
care but it became the best reviewed film of the festival in its whole entire
history since well since they started these jury grids and so it’s very much
Kristin was very much relying on these kind of authors each hangang genera
bat-channel and the the factors that led to the rise
in the industry were somewhat unique there’s greater autonomy in the film
industry back in the late 90s and early 2000s but that being said the industry
is healthy there were two Korean films screening in can and there’ll be lots of
discussion about Korean cinema but yes is somewhat relies on these authors on
the world stage okay Jason we are running out of time unfortunately quick
yes no or I hope so is parasite gonna win an Oscar next year
I think it’s very like Ali’s I think it’s very likely we get nominated we’ll
see whether it wins an Oscar but the chances are high okay wonderful that’s
the answer we wanted to hear well we’ll just have to wait until Thursday then
for this release in South Korea to see parasite ourselves probably you’re gonna
get to see it before the general public but I personally can’t wait to check it
out thank you very much for insights Jason that was Jason bishop a professor
at sang shil cyber University thank you thank you

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