DX Antenna – 2 Element Parasitic Array 40m band – 2 x Vertical Elements – BUILT and TESTED

DX Antenna – 2 Element Parasitic Array 40m band – 2 x Vertical Elements – BUILT and TESTED

WARNING – COMPUTER GENERATED SUBTITLES!! so it rained overnight so it’s a bit er.. what’s the expression? Wet underfoot .. but I just wanted to show you the two element parasitic array so start off for the main DX commander so this is what I had originally and with a rainy or bed consisting of five radials but each radial has got six wires in it has thirty radials but they’re very short only I think three meters long so I’ll work that out on set three 618 I don’t know 75 meters a wire something like that so that’s the DX commander all bad vertical and which what we did last night or yesterday afternoon anyway I produced another one over here and as a reflector okay I had to plumb the coax in put the radials on and tune it and I did the software modeling and I basically realized that I had to tune it as the same frequency as the other 40 meter so that’s doing the driving at the big one and then this reflector here is roughly the same size may be tuned 100 kilohertz lower and all’s I did is when it was tuned I unplugged the coax and connected their radials from the ground pay to the driven plate so it just becomes a literally a parasitic reflector and last nightly the conditions were a bit smart they were poor worse and poor really bad two and a half hours for a transatlantic context I think you will agree well was poor but ignoring the transmit gain I was definitely getting received gain much better received gain than I was on the Friday night I think comparing it to the endless dipoles over there so a success although bound conditions were absolutely abysmal would I recommend it yes I would if you’ve got a tree ten meters away because that’s had that’s the distance between the two you know to hang a basic vertical you get this about a hundred and forty beam width 140 degrees of beam in your chosen direction now I thought this was beaming about 270 degrees it turns out he’s actually beaming 219 a-2 90 from the UK is all the way sort of Newfoundland down to Florida Caribbean is all the Caribbean as we say in the UK is at about maybe 280 Brazil 270 so I was getting that that beam which over there but we had a Charlie six forget you William call in from the Caribbean and we also had a station Charlie on five was and I know I received him he was transmitting five watts amazing now here’s a couple of sound bites for you Mexico zero charlisse next rally with developer golly sakes a VD nice to meet you name Mexico zero Mike Charlie x-ray see 0rk okay you know charlie one key would I recommend it over a three element parasitic array where you have a driven element in the middle and we have a reflector lucky Yogi and Ana director now the extra land that you’d need is it would be colossal and I’ve got a funny feeling there’s only enough another one DB on top my favorite I think it’s a two element and I’ve squeezed this in literally inside a 10 meter 30 odd foot footprint my radials do not go beyond the boundary so I’ve got like a hundred and eighty degree radials on the driven element and also on the the parasitic array you can see it’s over there somewhere is also only a hundred and eighty degree radials but as Steve k1t mmm he was listening to the live stream last night in stereo and very very clearly the parasitic array was personally the modeling suggests about five DB now because I’ve sort of split my radials in half and I’ve taken say 75 certainly 60 70 meters of rain long put on the reflector then let’s say we’re gonna lose a DB there 4 DB definitely maybe 5 were lucky now that is a great great extra reception it’s not just all about transmit you gotta be able to hear stations as well as point this pointless running high-power if if your receptions per hat I was remembers a Russian he was like forty over and I’m hyper high high power back to him he couldn’t he couldn’t hear me so he hear that bell it’s lovely in it I hate hot Bell when I’m down here and it reminds me but it’s a bell anyway the Russian clearly just didn’t have the ears so if you got a wrong hot power at least have the ears to receive the station’s back and a 5 watt guy Charlie wasn’t it so – actually we see 5 watts across the Atlantic on SSB personally I think he’s pretty pretty good so there we are – element Paris it – you’re a not fazed and by the way a phased array the difference with a phased array and a pair of situating terms of gain I’ve done that Donna modeling there’s nothing in it I think we’re calling ourselves building phased arrays you could just as easily put an as coax switching and a couple of relays to switch the ground from being a driven element where you’ve got the ground system separate to the driven plate you could just connect them together and unconnect them the other end just like you would do let’s say well I Steve k1 GMM he’s got a switch on his Delta loops he did just the same and so there we are all in all I’d say a success I’m taking it down now because I’m only got a few days of holiday left and I need to get on 80 meters ideally tonight if not tonight certainly tomorrow you

33 thoughts on “DX Antenna – 2 Element Parasitic Array 40m band – 2 x Vertical Elements – BUILT and TESTED”

  1. Cal
    Keep in mind we have a major cat 4 hurricane FLORENCE between the US and England. Pray for them. Also a solar storm in progress. Conditions not good.

  2. Hi Cal, Was an enjoyable Stream last night for us listeners anyway. Enjoyed the explanation of the set up, and agree 5 watts across the pond is remarkable. Enjoy you remaining time.

  3. That's pretty much what Glen and I had for the ILLW despite our location it worked very well. Ask Glen about his design it was very well thought out 😎

  4. Cal, could you also multi-band the parasitic reflector like you do with the driven side? It may not be as simple as cutting all the bands to 95% of the length of the driven side, but I wonder if it could be made to work. I think I have just enough room in my back yard that I could put up two multi-element poles and play around this winter. I'm imagining running a few weeks with it pointed toward Europe and a few weeks pointed toward VK-land. (I live in Ohio) You'll double your business! 🙂

  5. Hello Cal, you would have been very copy-able had there not been T-storm crashes during the quick contact, Like you I have a small backyard 48X48 feet, I run a Inv L for 75/80 and would love to give that a go with you in the upcoming months. Curious if you ever modeled a 3/4 Inv L. say for 40 Meters . Looking forward to another contact

  6. Hi Cal..did u connect the radials from both elements together…..? Is that what u meant by “connected ground plate to driven plate.”..(if I understood it correctly)

  7. Will you show us how to tune it? If you already covered that,I will go through your videos. I am partial to the multi band. Will anything in the future have a higher watt limitation? Say 500 to 800 watts As I write I see tuning probably involves trimming the wire…

  8. Let the bells ring. Let all the bells in England ring out loud.
    God save the Queen.
    Rule Britannia.
    Great Britain First, Foremost, Front and Centre.

  9. Cal, could you support your 80m dipole inverted v with your dx commander pole. One thought says it wouldn't bother the vertical bands, but the other says capactance hat and screw them up even with two different feeds. Just a random thought/ questions. Love your videos!

  10. As you remember I used the 7m pole that I have bought of you. Now, I made an ATU of scrap copper wire and variable capacitor. The antenna is tunning from 3.5 to 145 MHz except 50MHz. Happy chappy I am lol

  11. Nice to see the Bahamas involvement with this technology. Even nicer it was someone close to me. Staying as anonymous as I can be👀

  12. Fantastic job, very inspiring; I wonder how it works on short distances (around 800-1000 km) 73s de F4HZN.

  13. Callum, here's an idea for a video. I for one would be REALLY interested to see it. A 5 element 20 m vertical array operating into the states. Maybe on a contest? Gain ought to be extremely good and the radiation angle to the horizon also excellent. If people didn't think that was interesting, well I'd be surprised.

  14. Callum, imposing on your kind nature. The reflector and director, are the vertical and radial assemblies basically total independent from each other? Obviously there’s no driven plate, so I’m assuming they’re independent like a Yagi?

  15. Calum this will maybe sound like a stupid question but when you use a Parasitic Array is the Reflector connected to the driver in any way?

  16. Great video a few years ago was speaking with the UK on 11 meters wish I could remember which one he was besides himself that he talked to New Jersey QRP neat Idea for 40 meters just passed my Tech exam next month general so yeah looking for an easy 40 meter vertical

  17. This may be a stupid question, but if you built two identical ABV kits, with one setup like the paracitic reflector, would it function as a reflector on all bands?

  18. My grandfather (SK) talked across the pond most any evening during the 40's and 50's with old, and massively large amatuer radio equipment. This was back when the solar cycle gave ham operators a whole lotta love.

    It's all in the propagation, but now days we are trying to force an electrified cannon ball through a grounded rubber hose and launch it into outer space.

    It does teach us to sometimes shut up and listen ( – :

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