100 thoughts on “Bong Joon Ho & Tom Quinn Talk ‘Parasite,’ ‘Mad Max’ & Marvel”

  1. i love how bong joon ho starts alot of interviews in english but after a short bit he thinks to himself "ah f..k it" and speaks korean.

  2. I was absolutely flabbergasted when I watched Parasite a few days ago. Never knew about this guy. Now I know what I'm binge watching this week..

  3. now THAT'S FAIR.
    especially, as a fellow filmmaker/film fan, bong joon-ho makes such a fair comment on this whole scorsese v marvel thing.
    Look & comment on the INDIVIDUAL films.
    don't just lump em all together n say they're shit, which was what both scorsese & coppola did.

  4. It's interesting how when he first started no one was giving him all the accolades. When it came to Korean cinema, everyone was talking about Chan-wok park, Jee-woon Kim, and Hong-jin Na, but BJH has surpassed them all. I just hope they ALL continue to make great cinema. We NEED Korean cinema in our lives.

  5. Watched movie few days before 🤟💗💗💗 what a outclass movie ,Unique Amazing story ,Great direction, Outclass acting 👌💞💞💞💞

  6. 저는 중간중간 모국어로 당당히 말하시는 Bong 감독님이 너무 좋습니다. 물론 Youtube를 통해 시청하는 여러 다른나라 사람 입장에선 바로바로 자막이 나와 불편함없이 대화를 지켜보겠지만 당장은 그 Interview장에서 한국어를 모르는 이들에게는 조금은 더 집중하게 만들고 무슨 말을 하고 있는지? 궁금하게 만드는 그 상황이 전 굉장히 짜릿합니다. 그런 상황을 물론 의도하신 것은 아닐테지만, 저는 봉준호 감독님이 충분히 모든 대화를 영어로도 가능하신 상황이라 할지라도, 끝까지 이런 태도를 유지하셨으면 좋겠어요. 늘 그들의 뒷 편인 Asia인으로써 통쾌함을 느낍니다. 만약 자막처리를 할 것이라면 Tom Quinn의 대화와 봉준호 감독님이 영어로 말씀하시더라도 그 모든 상황을 자막처리를 해야함이 옳다고 생각들지만, 봉감독님이 모국어로 말씀하실 때에는 그것도 “대문자”로 처리되는 상황도 재미있고. 우리가 왜그렇게 영어에 목을 메는지 English가 아무리 세계공용어라 할지라도. 과연 영어가 단지 모두와의 원활한 소통만을 의미하는 것일지. :p
    만약 그랬다면 비영어권자를 위해 조금의 배려가 있다면 모든 대화를 자막처리를 해야함이 분명할텐데 ₩&@)<3

  7. Lol when he is talking in korean, he doesn't speak in a honorific way, but actually speaks in a informal way. Idk why but I found that funny

  8. Got to meet and work with (a little bit!) Bong during a retrospective of his films a couple of years ago in NY; he was editing Okja at the time I believe.

    He's just as funny and humble as he appears here.

  9. My question is: How do those superheroes pee in their skin tight outfits? Been wondering about that since I watched Spiderman

  10. Interesting you can see CAPITALISM as the cause, yet capitalism itself is very rarely analyzed as much as movies are in the modern world, which makes sense. Capitalist consumer society wants us to CONSUME random entertainment. That's our purpose, not to be intelligent and make intelligent decisions

  11. In 2003, there were two geniuses who hit the big screen of korea and just nailed every single theater in the street.

    Park chan wook's oldboy and Bong joon ho's memories of murder.

    2003 still considered as the best year of korean cinema history, and that sheer heat of cinematic experience never happened again.

  12. Bong joon ho is honestly starting to become one of my fav directors ever
    I have only seen parasite but i ahve heard so much aboit the host and okja, i really am glad to see him get famous internationally coz he is already one of the most famous dorectors in korea
    Obviously he has been critically acclaimed in the past but this film parasite has made him and korean film actually spread the korean film industry to the general public even more
    I hope to see more stuff by him, hes an amazing director

  13. I liked the Irishman, I probably wont watch it ever again but i like it. I liked Parasite and probably will watch it a couple more times and I love the MCU movies and will always watch them multiple times. You can like these different types of movies or you can hate them all or like only a few. Peoples opinions don't matter even if they are Great Directors, it doesn't mean they are right. Just watch whatever movies you want and enjoy cinema.

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  15. I love Bong, but "The Host" is insanely overrated. It's not some profound social commentary or genius horror movie as deranged critics have stated. It is a modestly entertaining B-movie monster flick only a step above Japanese gojira junk like Godzilla and Ultraman.

  16. I'm a diehard Marvel fan and growing up loving the MCU but I gotta say, for the most part, MCU films does feel like a fanservice. It's still a cinema like it or not, Bong was right, even though there were some dumb jokes and tight suits and cgi going on, there were some theatrical moments from their films that made them stood out as a piece of art. a film where everyone just watch in awe without saying anything. I was in awe and mindblown watching Avengers: Endgame just as I was watching Parasite. Simply to put, a film is where you can watch the film, relate with the characters, feel the connection, laugh, cry together and then watch the film beautifully end in the most satisfying way. That's how you know it's a cinema. and I couldn't agree more, watching movies at the cinema is sooo much better than streaming online. Parasite, Okja, The Host and Snowpiercer were phenomenal masterpiece! gonna check out Memories Of Murder and Mother next!

  17. YES! He shares the same opinion as me about the MCU. Some of those movies are good but it doesn't mean the MCU as a whole is great.

  18. Well , if Ang Lee won Best Director for Brokeback Mountain in 2005 and Life of Pi in 2012 is about time to see another Asian director take the Oscar in that category , it will not be an easy win but is possible.

  19. This person the message of the movies and the person itself that I can support. I very understand the tight clothes mention. It’s not just clothes, but also it has that neck tie tight society and environment understanding that goes with it. Very agreeable feeling.

  20. big man japan was kinda like a super hero movie lol. also this is imo one of the best contemporary screenwriter/director of our time.

  21. I don't like Bong's movies because instead of just telling a story and let the audience have their own take, he tries to force his "opinions" to the audience. He did same thing in Okja and Snowpiercer. And he did it again in Parasite. I can clearly tell what his messages are. But I don't agree with it. Does working hard for money and being rich makes you a villain? And deserves to die? Leaving wife and children?

  22. If you didn't like mother, you should stop watching movies in general. Because mother is an awsome movie. That's not an opinion but a scientific fact.

  23. thanks for the hardcoded subs, it's great to see him just slip back and forth between korean and english, feels more open

  24. It's one of those movies I watch, and halfway through I say to myself "fuck it, I'm never gonna be writer/director!"
    This is just too good of a film.

  25. Like how Bong Joon Ho hated to admit some of his movies have a similar style and can fit in a way its own universe and not so "individual". But a movie like Parasite(my top 5 movie this year) I don't think you need to see in theater for a better experience compared to a Mad Max Fury road(even if you have a 85 inch screen) or a marvel movie as those movies are bi events with major special effects with drama flair. Parasite is a bleak dark comedy and even though the experience at the theater was great I don't think at my house is gonna any different. I mean I felt the same way with "The Irishman" it was good but I didn't need to see it in a theater to get a better effect.

  26. Parasite has more personality than any big A-list Hollywood movie out there. Does so much with such a small canvas.

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