Belly Dancer 45.000.000 views  This Girl She is insane Nataly Hay !!! SUBSCRIBE !!!

Belly Dancer 45.000.000 views This Girl She is insane Nataly Hay !!! SUBSCRIBE !!!

HAI ALL INTRO MY NAME RIAN PRABU This is cool right? So awesome! Can you do it?So #amazing! Who am I kidding? I haven’t watched this video. I don’t even want to. It’s not my kind of videos to watch. So I hope you enjoy! If you do like and sub to this chanell. INVTE ME ON MY EMAIL PLS I’M SINGER DANGDUT FROM INDONESIA Let me show you how to shake what you’re mama gave you.

100 thoughts on “Belly Dancer 45.000.000 views This Girl She is insane Nataly Hay !!! SUBSCRIBE !!!”

  1. Nataly Hay wwwooowww. I've seen plenty and best belly dancers. U r amongst top 5 of all time with my point of view and am absolutely certain majority will agree with me

  2. TBH she can't dance worth shit but 43million didn't come to see her dance let's be honest "mom I'm just going to my room to watch cultural videos"

  3. We have a word for this in Arabic. Difish… it's not elegant or emotional…its cold technique. Go watch Soheir Zaki or Fifi Abdou…that's how raks was meant to be…from mother to daughter, not this prescriptive form.

  4. A beautiful, great pro dancer!! Belly dancing originated from Egypt!! The first belly dancers were the travelling Egyptian gypsies of the 18th century!! It was banished from Cairo in 1830 but they went to perform in Upper Egypt to the Middle East & Europe!! To date, pro-belly dancers are invited specially on weddings in Egypt & other Muslim countries!!

  5. La donna che come un onda si infrange dolcemente sul corpo maschile…la donna il "serpente tentatore" che fa mettere il piede in fallo all'uomo.La donna…la più bella creazione di nostro Signore.
    (vedendo questo video mi si è stampato un sorriso che per sbloccarmi ho dovuto chiamare i Vigili del fuoco)

  6. Belly dancers have the most beautiful hips belly and especially waist ever in my opinion. So feminine and the dance is sexy in the most elegant way possible I love it

  7. WOW! She is Amazing in every way. The fantastic dancing skills, the Beauty, the sex appeal.
    I had no idea Israeli women were this Gorgeous, absolutely stunning in every way.

  8. наши девочки танцуют с темпераментом дворняжки, …ну не хватает им оттяжки в движениях ….достоинства в танце… незнаю как это оьясниить..

  9. I've seen better in Morocco (home) and Egypt. Her belly roll is poorly executed, but her hip movements are good

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